Metrix Faucet was built by CryptoMarketSpy.  I am a hodler of Metrix and fans of the Metrix Team.

My intention with Metrix Faucet is to help promote Metrix and provide a fun way of earning Metrix Coins.  This will be done through a standard "Faucet" and through games and bonuses provided through various promotions on Twitter.

You can reach me at [email protected] or via Twitter.

Metrix Faucet - Site Features

  • Referral Bonus! Get a 10% reward on each reward (non bonus reward) when a person uses your link!
  • Submit Automated Withdrawals (min required 500 MRX). We may raise or lower this amount over time.
  • Standard Faucet Rewards
  • Bonus Rewards (with a code provided)
  • Game Rewards
  • Faucet is funded by donations and personal Staking Rewards
  • Donations Welcome - MRX: MTSTUeqkAe3nTT3mKJidmTBnjGmaqSWASd

Metrix Coin - Official Links: